BMW M2 KW DDC Adjustable Coilovers

BMW M2 is definitely one of the best hi-performance compact cars that you can find around. A hi-output inline-six engine in combination with excellent driving dynamics makes this coupe one of the fastest machines in the segment. One of its strong points is an excellent suspension, which makes cornering pretty much effortless. Still, one feature that could be considered a disadvantage is lack of adjustable suspension, unlike M3 and M4 models. Fortunately, KW has developed a version of its famous DDC, especially for this model.

This small coupe deals perfectly with corners. However, such racing-like suspension isn’t quite convenient when it comes to relaxed, everyday ride. If you want to make your M2 more versatile, this would be a perfect way to do it.

This adjustable coilover comes with pretty familiar characteristics. Besides the fact that it has been designed especially for this coupe, it is quite the same as other DDC products from this renowned manufacturer. In practice, this means that you can count on all three modes. The first one is called Sport+. It is a classic track suspension, which turns your car into the real racing machine. Still, this mode is pretty hard, so many would like to add some comfort to such amazing performances. So, a mid-level Sport mode remains very sporty but adds a great dose of comfort. Finally, there is a Comfort mode, which is perfect for old country roads, or if you just want some relaxed ride.

Just like other KW DDC Coilovers, this one is also pretty easy to use. You operate via a smartphone application, which makes suspension adjustment effortless. Go for some of these three modes, or adjust coils by your own. The adjustment range goes between 15 and 40 mm at the front, and between 20 and 45 mm on rear wheels.

The KW’s DDC Adjustable Coilovers are part of the company’s iSuspension program, also known as Intelligent Suspension Program. The manufacturer goes further and further with the development, so there are kits for various car models in the offer. Just like with other products from KW, the priority is on German brands. Besides for BMW M2, these adjustable coilovers are also available for various models from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, as well as for some Land Rover models.