AP Suspension Kit for Skoda Octavia vRS – Review

For more than two decades, Skoda Octavia has been considered as one of the most reliable small family cars on the market. A great balance between price and quality made this spacious 5-door hatchback or wagon one of the most popular models in the class. Besides reliable TDI engines, it comes with a whole palette of petrol units too. A flagship model is Octavia vRS. This is a family car that adds plenty of sportiness to its character. With 200 horsepower and over 200 pound-feet of torque, this version seems pretty exciting. There is enough power for some sporty ride but not too much. A well-balanced output makes the things quite practical. Still, such vehicle deserves a little bit better suspension.

When choosing a suspension, the price is definitely a deciding factor. For the models like Skoda Octavia vRS, some more affordable brand seems as a rational choice. So, AP Suspension seems like perfect. In this case, the owner has decided to go for a complete kit, which includes springs and damper kit. The owner made through a complete installation process by itself and he claims that everything went pretty smooth. The adjustment is almost effortless. In this case, 20 millimetres of lowering on each axle seems ideal. You can count on a much lower centre of gravity but still enough ground clearance for old country roads.

Considering the price of a whole kit, the results are amazing. Everything works pretty smooth. Improvement both in cornering and on a straight line is great. The comfort is also pretty decent. Still, old country roads could be a problem, since you will probably feel every hole. This is the aspect where AP Suspension definitely lacks compared to the much more expensive competition. All in all, the handling is far better compared to OEM suspension but troubles with lumpy roads are almost certain.

The overall impression of the owner is very good. This kit definitely offers a great value for the money. You can count on a great ride quality improvement, especially when it comes to handling. This kit, as well as other AP products, come with a German TUV Certificate and also with a 2-year warranty.