Eibach Muscle Car Suspension

For many car enthusiasts, there is no better thing than driving a classic car on a sunny day. Still, modern traffic brings plenty of challenges, so riding on a half-century old suspension could be annoying, even dangerous in some way. This especially refers to super-fast pony cars. Simply, there is way too much power to tame and adding a modern suspension would be a great solution. A renowned manufacturer like Eibach covers a wide range of classic models, including several iconic muscle cars. Of course, the most popular is the first-generation Ford Mustang.

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Despite plenty of horsepowers and overall sporty character, muscle cars have always featured rather simple suspension components, so cornering is definitely the biggest challenge with such vehicle. An installation of a modern suspension would be a great solution, so Eibach offers its famous Pro-Kit performance springs, designed especially for this model. Benefits are numerous. Your pony will go lower for about an inch. With the lower centre of gravity, you can count on less body roll when cornering, less squat during acceleration and less nose dive while braking. In practice, this means quicker stops, faster cornering, and even better fuel economy. Finally, this kit improves visual appeal as well, reducing the fender-well clearance.

Besides getting a Pro Kit springs, you can improve performances even more with the specially designed sway bars. These bars are made of top quality materials, powder coated as well. The result is excellent stiffness over stock bars. It is a perfect tool for fine-tuning, which can provide better cornering grip in every situation.

Eibach engineers have designed Anti-Roll Sway Bars for another iconic pony car from the 60’s, Chevy Camaro. These bars are slightly different, but the principle of working is practically the same. Once again, you can count on the fine-tuning of the car’s suspension, which will provide even more impressive handling. According to the manufacturer, these bars are made of a hi-quality, aircraft-grade steel, which features a powder coated finish for long-lasting. With such reduced body roll and improved overall handling, be sure that your Camaro will act like some much younger sports car.

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Besides amazing improvement in terms of performances, these products also bring Eibach’s recognizable quality and durability. All products feature hi-end quality, so it’s no wonder that there is a Million Mile Warranty on these springs and bars. It is also important to mention that products come with all necessary mounting hardware and instructions for easy installation.